IO1 – Study on the needs of young people in peripheries and their socio-economic status conditionalities

The study we will conduct in the first part of the project is aimed at understanding young people living in peripheries their context. The aim of the project is to encourage participation of young people in sports and physical activities through gamification.

We will conduct the study in 15 different communities located at periphery (3/partner) and in each of the communities we will discuss with young people in order to better know them (narrative interviews). We will follow some specific directions:

1. An overview of life as a 13-20 year old today is necessary to set the context for the relationship young people have with sport. This includes the challenges of growing up in a recession, the changes that young people go through, the role of their peers and the importance of technology in their lives.

2. Understanding young people – their attitudes and behaviours – The second section introduces and explores what we have learned about young people’s attitudes towards sport and the relationship these have to their behaviours.

3. Engaging young people – reaching new audiences – The third section explores in more depth the characteristics of three key audiences; young people who are positive about sport but mostly not participating, those who recognise the benefits and have a functional relationship with sport/activity, and those who are uninterested in participating in sport.

4. Engaging young people – putting the insight into practice – Examples of programmes and approaches that are already successfully engaging different audiences through applying some of the insights – We will expand this section over time (on the project website), highlighting more examples of good practice, as good design is turned into effective implementation.

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