IO2 – Research on gamification impact on sports and PA

The output will focus on identifying the most suitable gamification approaches that can be employed in increasing participation of young people in peripheries in sports and PA activities.

Gamification is the use of game design and mechanics to enhance non-game contexts by increasing participation, engagement, loyalty and competition. These methods can include points, leaderboards, direct competitions and stickers or badges, and can be found in industries as varied as personal healthcare, retail—and, of course, education.

Looking at popular gamification services today, we can see that one of the more common fields in gamification relates to sports and fitness. For example, one big player on the market, Nike claims that they got approximately 7 million members in their Nike+ community since their launch The Nike+ service let users track running activities, earn points and challenge other Nike+ users around the world. People can be motivated to do something because of internal or external motivation.

In our research we will look into both types of motivation and we will analyse other concrete uses of gamification to identify which of the gamification methods function in the most coherent and effective way. The impact generated by this study is essentially related to the activity of institutions, organizations and companies that are looking into using gamification as solution for increased participation in PA and sports. The impact of the study will also be significant on the organizations and local and regional sports and youth organizations involved in this project (the study is the starting point for gamification instruments).

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