IO3 – YouthActivated gamified website and app for PA

This website is a gamified tool (associated with an app that will turn young people’s personal smartphones in activity meters) to be accesed by young people and also their parents (so beyond increasing PA this website will offer a strong support to family relations).Through this specific website,youngsters and their families make physical activity a fun part of daily life. It will combine the interactivity of games and the science of motivation to boost young people’s physical activity levels.

The tool will take the form an activity meter app and motivational website meant to increase physical activity levels and help fight the sedentary behavior habits, a key risk factor associated with obesity, heart disease and diabetes. YouthActivated gamified website will allow young people to constantly check their activity levels, earn points for movement, take challenges and achieve goals. The app connected to the website will be available for IOS and Android  can be carried in a pocket, the Zamzee activity meter monitors kids’ physical activity.

Young people can climb the leaderboard and compete with friends or family members, take on challenges through storybook-style adventures, and take actions that earn them double, triple or even quadruple points.

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