IO3 – YouthActivated gamified website and app for PA

The mobile app SPORTIFICATION represents the result end-work of the Intellectual Output number 3 that has been developed in the framework of project “SPORTIFICATION – USING GAMIFICATION IN PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES AND SPORT ACTIVITIES” (project number  613626-EPP-1-2019-1-RO-SPO-SCP).

The aim of the mobile app is to be used as a tool meant to increase physical activity levels and help fight the sedentary behaviour habits, a key risk factor associated with obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Based on the methodology of non-formal education, there is no formal evaluation. Each user is reponsible of using the application on an honour based system in which the user decides whether a challenge has been or has not been completed.

The automatically updating personal profile is a key part of the motivational, game-based approach, designed to initiate and sustain behavioral change based on scientific principles.

Young people can complete challenges and compete with friends or family members. By completing a challenge, the user receives the badge that is contained within that challenge. Each badge goes into the user’s portfolio available on the profile section of the app.

The development team is determined to continuously improve the app, this is why we kindly ask you to signal any bugs that might appear by contacting us at

Important: After creating an account, when logging in, after imputing the password, don’t press the “done” button on your keyboard; press the LOG IN button on the app.

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