IO4 – Online test for young people aimed at evaluating the sports and PA levels of engagement

IO4 is the online test in the form of a questionnaire using the Likert scale with values from 1 to 10. The role of the test is to verify the progress achieved by young people in specific sports or PA activity.

The questionnaire will have 50 questions. The questionnaire / test / assessment tool will be designed by experts / sociologists in such a way that the responses given to each of the 50 inputs will generate some values that will then be gathered and will generate a personalized answer to the one who passed the test, as close as possible to the truth and relevant so that he knows what skills (he) has to improve in relation to that specific sports or PA activity.

The participation of 100 young people in the testing phase of the IO will generate impact on their understanding of their motivation and capacity to participate in sports and physical activities, given the fact that each of the participants will be provided with a tailored answered, adjusted to its own needs.

The online test will be an open source, it will be accessible to any other organization interested in using the instrument in order to assess the learning to learn needs of a target group.

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