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The project Sportification is implemented in a consortium of 5 partners which includes Romania, Italy, Portugal, Poland and Lithuania.

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Center of Strategies for Youth Development

CSYD is an organization that is actively involved in project development and implementation in the local, national and international non-formal education sphere, that directly aims at personal and professional youth development.

CSDT has the main goal of developing and implementing youth strategies under the form of projects that target youth personal and professional development through their active involvement in the educational process.


Regional Volunteer Center

Regional Volunteer Center aims to help the people to understand the idea of volunteering, educate youth about alternative ways of spending spare time and helping the others.

Work Exchange Office for volunteers is the Centre's main activity. They help people to find a place where they can use their skills as volunteers. They also prepare new volunteers for such jobs by teaching them about basics of Polish law about volunteering, and about non-governmental organizations.


Actyvus Juanimas

Active Youth Association (AY) is a for-purpose organisation working with youth and communities in need in Lithuania and across borders. We have extensive experience in non-formal education, as well as a range of other topics. Most important among which: migration, entrepreneurship, healthy lifestyle, human rights.

The projects AY takes on, as a rule, focus on demanding and sensitive issues (e.g. refugee integration in Lithuania). Hence, they look forward to challenges offered by the current project.


TDM Portugal

Associação TDM Portugal (acronym TDMP) is a relatively new-born youth association, whose members are experienced in the NGO sector at a national and international level, entrepreneurship and mentoring.

Its main objective is to develop young adults on a personal, social and professional level using entrepreneurial skills, tools and mindset, allowing them to not only change their lives for the better but also have a significant impact in the surrounding environment.



APICE is a national youth NGO for social development, aimed at promoting a common European culture, as well as improving the awareness, disseminating and promoting fundamental values of the European Union. APICE actively contributes and supports active youth participation, sustainable development, social dialogue and cooperation, by supporting initiatives and programs promoted by European Union and Council of Europe, in particular in the field of youth, education, human rights, sport, sustainability.

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