TDM Portugal



Associação TDM Portugal (acronym TDMP) is a relatively new-born youth association, whose members are experienced in the NGO sector at a national and international level, entrepreneurship and mentoring.

Its main objective is to develop young adults on a personal, social and professional level using entrepreneurial skills, tools and mindset, allowing them to not only change their lives for the better but also have a significant impact in the surrounding environment.

With this in mind, the organization develops projects and cooperates with other organizations in order to support other youths in developing personal, professional, intellectual and social skills through hands-on learning and non-formal education. Their activity is thus focused on youth policy, entrepreneurship, intercultural learning and active citizenship at a local and international level.

Their activities are built and organised by young people and implemented with the support of an international network – they are partners of “Associazione TDM 2000 International”. The NGO is presently operating in three cities of Portugal (Lisbon, the capital, Aveiro and Coimbra, two of the major university cities in the country), cooperating with student associations, local NGOs and universities.

The core of the team comprises twelve members that very actively participate and work on local and European projects. As the semester activities starts, they are sure to expand their crew as necessary and possible, not only to expand capacity but to provide hands-on training to those involved.

TDMP is a recognised youth association at the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) in order to apply for funds at European and national level.

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